María de los Angeles Torres
UIC Mellon Program Director
Email: torresma@uic.edu

Jennifer Boles
UIC Mellon Program Coordinator
Email: jlboles@uic.edu

Albert Laguna
Mellon Program Professionalization Consultant
Email: albert.laguna@yale.edu

Deanna Ledezma
Mellon Program Research Assistant
Email: dledez2@uic.edu

Eve Ali Boles
Director of Office of Social Science Research
3102 BSB m/c 307, 1007 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607
Email: ossr_las@uic.edu, eali@uic.edu, Phone: (312) 996-4408
Website: https://ossr.uic.edu/profiles/boles-eve/

IUPLR Headquarters
University of Houston
3553 Cullen Boulevard Room 323
Houston, TX 77204-3001
Phone: (713) 743-3136
Website: https://www.iuplr.org
Email: iuplr@central.uh.edu

Pamela Quiroz
IUPLR Executive Director
Director of the Center for Mexican American Studies
University of Houston
Email: paquiroz@central.uh.edu

Maira E. Álvarez
IUPLR Director, D.C. Office
Phone: (713) 743-3136
Email: mealvare@central.uh.edu